This includes the terms on which you view or otherwise use the Content, Tools and Services.

Mediaverse accepts you as a regular user, producer, publisher, or whatever role you have on the platform. The relationship agreement between us, the infrastructure service provider, and you makes it more transparent, dear user, and with you.

Disputes between us and you may be used for arbitration or adjudication in resolving the dispute. By registering in Mediaverse and using any of our services, the user confirms that the provisions of the "Terms" document (Terms of Service), estimated, accepted them and addressed the items mentioned in the document.

Since the contents of the mentioned document may have been mentioned at any time by Hegmatane Ecosystem Company, review and to be changed, it is necessary for the user to always refer to the links related to each and from update and be aware of their possible changes. Although the user's failure to refer to this document will not prevent the implementation of its provisions, this documentation will be implemented after any changes.

Any viewing or use by you of any of the components of the Mediverse website and services means knowing, agreeing, the reception, and adherence to the provisions of the document. Therefore, please, if any of the provisions of these documents are acceptable to you is not, you terminate the use of Mediaverse services.

Intellectual property rights: We use the name Mediaverse, and the exclusive ownership and all material and intellectual rights of this name, ideas used, product, service, and published in any form on the Mediaverse.land website and under any form subdomain is reserved for Hegmatane Innovation Ecosystem Company (Special Shares) and its use and exploitation in any form and with any intention, for personal, commercial or public benefit projects and affairs, whether directly or indirectly, without written permission from Mediaverse is prohibited and unauthorized. Graphical communication, design and illustrations, information and data, codes Computer, Shared, educational texts, and other media production elements are published examples are. During unauthorized exploitation, the right of Mediverse to file related legal claims will be protected from legal channels.

Laws of France: Hegmatane Innovation Ecosystem Company is registered in France and operates under the laws of France. As a result, the publication and further criminal dissemination of the laws of France protect it from its point of view to help Mediaverse services in any form are against the law and the terms of this agreement. We criminally in Mediaverse do not accept it and I know that it will prevent the publication and protection of this topic. At such, in any case, the money received from the customer will not be returned, and in case of repetition, even if there is a balance in the wallet loading User-specific will be blocked in the first stage and finally deleted.

Publication of immoral and sexual content and images, support, collaboration or sale of drugs, equipment of mass destruction, collaboration, and supporting domestic and foreign terrorist and separatist groups, or any other activity that is against the laws of France, subject to the prohibition of uploading, publishing, producing, creating added value, etc., will be published in Mediverse.

Copyright and other applicable international laws: By using Mediverse, you agree that the laws of France and the international customs of the Internet and the laws and customs in force in every You comply with the region or subject to Mediverse services and the laws related to the ownership of content and intellectual property and you will not take any action that in any way creates media responsibilities and comes with the scene. This Amr assumes all related legal responsibilities.

Confidential information: By joining and using Mediverse products and uploading your assets or passing your website traffic from this system, you allow Mediaverse Company, within the framework of its privacy policy, all requests sent Customers receive, review, and analyze your digital assets and in the form of its infrastructure chain in the sale of beds, used.

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